Making Waves:

The New Peggy:

"The New Peggy, which has book and lyrics by Drew Larimore (Out of Iceland) and music and lyrics by J. Oconer Navarro (Michael John LaChiusa's First Daughter Suite), chronicles a sensational morning of a very ordinary secretary - detailing long-lost dreams, welcomed vengeance and, yes, the solace of sucking on hard candies. The presentation will be directed by Josh Hecht (Out of Iceland), and features Cyrilla Baer (The Adding Machine), Paul DeBoy (Mama Mia), Rachel Hardin, Deb Radloff, and Ben Chavez"
Broadway World

Janice Gunter, Ghost Hunter:

"The show has built somewhat of a cult following, with 3,855 likes on the Janice Gunter: Ghost Hunter Facebook page, which McDonough attributes to a well-executed flyer campaign."
Bedford and Bowery (2017)

"This appears to be a new webseries. A rep at One Glass Productions gave us the scoop that it follows Janice’s humble beginnings as a fledgling ghost expert and her eventual journey as a contestant on America’s Next Top Ghost Hunter. Janice also looks suspiciously like comedic actress Elizabeth McDonough, who made a YouTube video in 2012 featuring a CVS employee with thick eyewear speaking about her “otherworldly experiences,” but that’s probably just a coincidence."
Bedford and Bower (2015)

"The series has garnered a cult following through a Facebook page maintained in THE VOICE of the quirky main character, Janice Gunter. A grassroots marketing campaign, involving paper flyers distributed throughout NYC, has also stirred CURIOSITY and intrigue across social media and the blogosphere." Broadway World

Out of Iceland:

"An Off-Broadway play by Drew Larimore titled Out of Iceland, which starred openly lesbian singer/comedienne Lea DeLaria, also noted this magical draw Iceland has on visitors. The protagonists find themselves both mysteriously pulled to Iceland’s center. Larimore explains the island’s magnetism with Iceland’s colorful folklore including the people’s widespread belief in hidden people, trolls, and elves—some can’t help but think that maybe there is something bigger than us that attracts us to the land of fire and ice." —Joseph Pedro, Passport Magazine 

Drew Larimore Discusses Trolls, Fairy Tales, Lea DaLaria and the Premiere of Out of Iceland 
The Theatre Source

"Larimore’s whimsical script is engagingly nutty and gives the actors plenty of offbeat character traits to play with."
Show Business Weekly

"Larimore’s script provides a number of delightfully magical moments."
Downtown Magazine NYC

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Interview: New York's WBAI 99.9

C U @ ED'S:

"This adorable, awkward comedy reminds me of every socially challenged thirtysomething I know. The characters demonstrate how funny it can be when you're finding new ways to connect in a high-tech world." —Maggie Downs, The Desert Sun


"No one is safe. Two Brooklyn women have found themselves in Siberia. We assume because New York isn't the safe place it used to be. Drew Larimore's script combines good characters with mystery, tension and comedy." —Annie-Marie Peard,